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Carewell Instruments

Exporters & Suppliers of Lab Supplies, Pharmacy, Engg., Hospitalware, Clinics, Medical,  Biochemistry Lab Instruments

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Blood Laboratory Equipment

About US

 M/s Carewell instruments is manufacturer, dealers and exporter of  quality “Laboratory & Scientific Instruments, Physics & Chemistry, and Constant temperature, Glassware, Pharmacy, Engineering, Medical, Ophthalmic, ENT, Electronic trainers, & medical analyzers, Vocational instruments and equipments.” 

Our motto is customers satisfaction because the company has its own in-house manufacturing units, so as to have total control over quality and timely production. We also welcome any custom designs, so as to manufacture the required product according to END USER's specifications.


The prime objectives of our firm are to get introduced ourselves to new customers in new markets because there are constant demands for our products in different parts of the world due to high quality, durability and competitive pricing of our products.

We have been successfully exporting our qualitative products with competitive price to fullfil the needs of school and colleges to various countries of Gulf, Africa, and South Asia, and USA. Market Covered : U.S.A, Germany, Italy, , Riyadh, Nigeria, Pakistan, U.K, Tanzania, Kuwait, Armenia, Dubai, Labanon, Kenya, Morocco, Brazil, Netherlands, Canada, Zambia, UAE..etc.


To facilitate the production, we have created many department to maintains chains of work  to get speedy end products to supply the products well in times, The departments are as under :

      · Procuring & Purchase Department

      · Manufacturing department

      · Inspection department

      · Packing and packaging section

      · Marketing department 

      · Delivery section


Our Commitment :
We are committed to synthesize cost effective laboratory, scientific, pharmacy, engineering,  electronic & electrical instruments; keeping clients’ priority on top. We endeavor to surpass customers’ expectation through effective implementation of quality management system. We accept driving challenges and innovate something that customer demands and custom design are also taken under customers request and design.

Our Vision :
Our vision is to build expertise for ourselves in the field of laboratory, scientific, pharmacy, engineering,  electronic & electrical instruments manufacturing. We strive to reshape the name of Carewell’ Instrumentts into a dependable brand by bringing continuous innovation and setting up new trends.

Quality Policy :
We at Carewell Instrumentts are committed to produce laboratory, scientific, pharmacy, engineering,  electronic & electrical instruments at a very competitive price, bearing in mind stated & implied needs of the customers. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations through customer focus and continual improvement by effective implementation of quality management system.

  • We Offer Excellent Pricing
  • Quality Service-after-Sale
  • Dependable & Durable Relationship
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Worth Looking & Cushion proof packing

Our missions are to change the current business practices to more fair, transparent and legitimate, which are aimed at development and expansion, of the organisation with utmost honesty.

I am Rajinder Vij, Managing Director of M/s Carewell Instruments, from Ambala Cantt-India, we request you to spare your precious time to surf our web and please send your genuine inquiry to our ID: carewellinstrument@gmail.com   or feel free to have talk or discussion on my WhatsApp available  on my  mobile   No. : 0091-9416430216(Raj) for our immediate attention and cooperation or visit our another website for details of products : 


 “We never commit what we cannot deliver, but always deliver more than we commit” 

We look forward to hear soon from you confirmation of order, and assure you of our prominent services and attention always.

Thanks and with Warm Regards,


Sincerely yours,

 for Carewell Instrument

                    Rajinder Vij

Marketing & Procuring Manager


Laboratory A -Z Glassares.

Instruments & Equipment We Manufacture and Export :

 Products Details :

· Blood Bank Instruments

· Ophthalmic Equipments

· Fiber Glass Models

· Engineering Equipments

· Microscopes

· Electronic Educational Equipments

· Wooden Lab Products

· Physics Lab Equipments

· Medical Equipments

· Hospital Instruments

· Educational Charts

· Scientific Lab Equipments

· Surgical Rubber Products

· Laboratory Glassware

· Optical Components

· Suction Apparatus & Unit

· Sugar Factory Instrument

· Silica ware Quartz ware

· Digital Scales

· Oil & Petroleum Testing Tools

· Electric Actuators 

· Motorized Potentiometer

· Solenoids 

· Optical Products 

· Nautical Instruments

· Surgical Instruments

· Chemistry Laboratory Equipments

· Experimental Training Equipments

· D. C. Electronics

· Laser Trainers Kits

· Quality Control Laboratory Equipments

· Equipments for Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

· Water Treatment Plants

· Digital Controllers

· Solar Products

· Educational Aids

· Laboratory Plasticware

· Civil Engineering Instruments

· Disposable Medical Surgical Products

· Water Stills (Glass & Quartz)

· Prepared Slides

· Compressor & Vacuum Pumps

· Pharmacy Machinery

· Testing & Measuring Instruments

· Jacketed Reactor

· Hydraulics

· Digital Meter & Testers 

· Engineering, Polytechnic and Vocational   Training Equipment

· Process Control Instruments

· Laboratory Supplies

· Educational Materials

· Ophthalmic & ENT Equipments

· Other Products

· Laboratory Testing Instruments

· Hospital Furniture

· Diagnostic Instruments

· Medical Consumables

· Psychology Lab Equipments

· Audio Visual Item & Instruments

· Laboratory Equipment

· Electrical Engineering Laboratory   Instruments

· Microscopes and Accessories 

· Chemical Electrical Heating Appliances

· Digital Instruments

· Microtome’s

· Analytical and Scientific Instruments

· Lab & General Equipment

· Biological Lab Instruments & Models

· Paraffin Wax Dispenser

· Force & Motion Tools

· Glass or PP Pipettes 

· Astronomy Tools

· Liquid Handling System

· Centrifuge Wares

· Cryo Lab ware

· Consumables Products

· Safety Products

· Animal Cage

· Spatulas

· Desiccators 

· Plastic Lab ware

· Environmental Instruments

· Silicon Tubing & Components

· Giant Heart Model

· Forensic Models

· Pregnancy Models Set for Nursing Training Manniquin

· Globes, Maps, 3D Models & Charts

· Digital Blue Products

· Charts

· Material Testing Machines

· Education Labs Machines

· Laboratory Instruments

· GSM Mobile Communication System   Experiment Kit

· Antennas & Transmission Line

· Radar and Satellite Kit

· Microstrip & Microwave

· Strategic Electronics & Defense

· Nanotechnology

· Didactic & Training Systems

· Achievement Development & Learning   Tools

· Engineering Educational Equipments

· Special Purpose Machines

· Rocks & Minerals Specimens

· Pharmaceutical Equipments

· Pharmacology Equipment

· Cement & Concrete Testing Equipments





Ball And Ring   Apparatus

Bending of   Beam Assembly

Boyle’s /   Charle’s / Hook’s Law / Young’s Modulus  Apparatus


Demonstration Electric   Motor

Demounatable   Transformer 

Dynamo Model   A.C.

Force Table


Inclined Plane

Induction   Coils

Lenses /   Mirrors / Prisms

Magnets /   Compass

Newton’s Ring   Apparatus

Optical Bench   / Optical Disc

Parallelogram   of Forces Apparatus

Pascal’s Apparatus   

Post Office   Box


Pulley /   Pendulum


Student Kelvin   Bridge

Surface   Tension Balance Searl’s

Tangent   Galvanometer

Telescope    / Microscope

Thermal   Conductivity Kit

Torsion   Apparatus                 ( Horizontal)

Tuning Forks

Van De Graff   Generator

Wheatstone   Bridge

Rheostat-Sliding   Contact

Resistance   Boxes / Coils / Conductors/ Condensers/Moving Coil  Ammeter /   Galvanometer

And   many more.. 



Absorption   Tube


Balance   (Physical – Chemistry)


Bell   Jar 

Bottle   Dropping

Bottle   Reagent 


Bulbs   For Pipettes





Chromatography   Column

Clamp   / Stand / Rack

Clips   Mohr / Hofmann



Cylinders    Measuring



Flask   Erlenmeyer

Filter   Paper

Forceps   / Tong

Fraction   Columns


Gas   Generator, Kipp’s

Gas   Jar


Moisture   Determination Appts.

Periodical   Charts


Test   Tube



Watch   Glass

Water   Bath 

And   many more……………



Animal Cage 

Botanical Vasculum 

Brain/Nose/Eye/Ear/Tooth Model 


Coplin Jar 

Dissecting Set

Dissecting Trays


Insect Storage Box 

Leaf Area Cutter


Microscope Glass Slides 


Model of   R.N.A. / D.N.A.

Photo Synthometer 


Plant   Cell






Skeleton Model  

Slide Box 

Staining Jar 


Models - Human Anatomy / Human   Circulatory Systems / Botany / Life history charts of plants / Zoloogy/ Life   History Charts of Animal / Portraits of Great Scientist / First Aids/   Periodic Table of Rare & Endangered Species / Charts of Physics,   Chemistry & Civics / Basic Science charts / Agriculture charts / Family   Planning Chart / Health & Hyeigne chart / Physical fittness chart  /   Environmental Chart, Mathematics chart etc.

·          And many More………….

We are manufacturer & exporter of Ophthalmic Instruments

3 Nethra Fundus Camera

Brief Specification : Non Mydriatic Ophthalmic screening Device, Can be Operated by a minimally trained person, Provides Digital Images of the anterior and posterior Segments, 3nethra royal has got optional Auto Refractometer too, and there are many features.

Main features of 3nethra classic:

  • A non- mydriatic ophthalmic imaging device
  • Provides digital images of the anterior and posterior segments
  • Dry Eye Imaging
  • Can be operated by a minimally trained person
  • Works on any Windows laptop/PC
  • Integrated telemedicine module enables health records management on the cloud
  • Affordable
  • Compact and Portable 

Our Professionalized Team Ready To Serve you

Marketing Manager

Gaurav Vij is B.Tech and MBA and  starts his carrrier  in October, 2011 and has been with us ever since. He specializes in institutional business promotional, and marketing and look after Foreign market

HRD Manager

Dr. Bharti Mahindru is PhD in HRD and handle office management and domestic customers

Technical Manager

I, myself Post graduate in Economics & CAIIB and by virtue of 22 years experiences in manufacturing innovating scientific and laboratory instruments are manufacturing new peoducts in trhe field of education & Institutes.

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About Us

Customer Care

 We know that your business is running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So it's imperative you have help outside of the regular office hours. 

You can reach someone on our team for an emergency at any time of the day or night. Supporting you around the clock is our business make feel our customers to be true partners of each others.

Competitive prices

We charge ethical profits to give space to our valuable and special customers to earn and make lucrative profit in their business.

Packing is done in a very professionalized manner to minimize breakage of the goods.

Why You Should Deal US

Beacsue, we offer quality, innovated with competitive price products to the complete satisfaction of our valuable customers.

We are very caring, cooperative, attentive and extend warranty of our products.

Let us work together...

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We are ready to serve you effectively once you approach us for your requirements for the following..

Cell Counter(Hematology Analyzer), Fundus Camera, Spectrophotometers,   

Laboratory Equipment *Surgical Instruments * Hospital & Dental Appliances *Ophthalmic & ENT Instruments* Pharmacology Instruments* Laboratory Chemicals* Educational Science Equipments * Lab Glassware* *Milk Fat Testing Equipments etc etc....

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Carewell Instruments

H.O.#3378, GURU NANAK MARG, AMBALA CANTT-133001, Haryana, India

Mobile : +91-9416430216/7988887331

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Dear sir,

I am Rajinder Vij from M/s Carewell Instruments, from India and I want to buy  Flywheel Generator with 500 quantity, and  within range of US Dollar 400

 Looking Forwards towards your competitive price quotation

Thanks and with Warm Regards,

  Sincerely yours,  

for Carewell Instrument

                        Rajinder Vij 

Marketing & Procuring Manager  

Mobile  : 94164 30216 

Email    : carewellinstrument@gmail.com 

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